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Organizing Genre Analysis Reports

Organizing Genre Analysis Reports published on

This is the post for Friday, January 6, 2017.

Notes for Today

  • Snow? The forecast says we will get 1 to 3 inches in Blacksburg. If you get snow, post a photo in Piazza for fun. Maybe you can make us a mini-snowman or find enough snow for a snow angel 🙂

  • One Week Left: Be sure you are on track this weekend. We are now two-thirds of the way through the course. Next week, you will need to complete a progress report quiz, turn in your Genre Analysis Report and your Completion Report (the final), and finish the reading quizzes for all chapters of Markel.

Readings for Today

  • Markel, Chapter 8, “Creating Graphics” (For how you can incorporate graphics in your Genre Analysis Report and final exam)
  • Markel, Chapter 14, “Writing Definitions, Descriptions, and Instructions” (For details on how to define and describe the kind of writing you analyze)

Work for Today

  • If took advantage of the 1-day grace period, submit your Report Proposal by at 11:59 PM tonight, Friday, January 6, following the submission instructions.

  • Continue work on your Genre Analysis Report, which is due on Wednesday, January 11. Aim to have the basic information you need gathered before the weekend so you can begin concentrating on writing your report.

  • To prepare for writing your report, compare the Tables of Contents for the Genre Analysis Examples, and discuss what you notice in Piazza. Consider both the organization represented by the Table of Contents and the way that the Table of Contents itself is presented. Think about which strategies work best, and share your best advice for effective organization.

  • Want to work ahead? Read Markel, Chapter 12, “Writing Informational Reports” for tips on progress reports. You will complete a progress report on your Genre Analysis Report in a quiz on Monday.


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