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Readings on Professional Bios

Hand-drawn icon of a pennant-shaped flagWork Required
Read several articles for advice on your bio statement. Discuss the advice you find on Piazza. This discussion counts as Class Discussion in your Participation Log

  1. Read through several of the following resources. Most of them are short, and you should be able to skim through them quickly. Pay attention to the advice you see them repeating and anything that catches your eye (whether it’s good or bad):

  2. Go to Piazza and post observations or questions that came up as you read the articles, as they relate to your bio project. You can comment on something you liked, something you found confusing, or something that seemed out of place. Here are some tips for posting in Piazza:

    • Be sure to add your posts to the bio folder in Piazza to keep things organized.
    • Remember that you can edit questions that others in the class ask to clarify them.
    • Follow-up on a question or note someone else has posted if you want to say something more about the ideas.


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