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Late Policy

Alarm clock iconWhat do I do if I don’t think I can finish my work or a major project on time? Take advantage of the course grace periods. You do not have to tell me anything, and you will suffer no penalty. The grace period is your no-questions-asked safety net.

How does the grace period work?

  • The due date is when your work is due.
  • The grace period occurs between the due date and the deadline. Work submitted during the grace period will be marked as late in Canvas; however, there is no grade penalty for work submitted during the grace period. You have a 1-day grace period in this course.
  • The deadline is the final moment you can submit your work. In Canvas, the activity will close at the deadline. If you do not submit your work by the deadline, you earn a zero.

How about an example? Here are some example dates:

  • The due date is Monday, December 26 at 11:59 PM.
  • The grace period is 1 day.  
  • The deadline is Tuesday, December 27 at 11:59 PM. If you do not submit your work by the deadline, you earn a zero.

When can I use the grace period? Use the grace period any time you need to, except on the final exam. Here are some example situations where the grace period might help:

  • You are sick.
  • You haven’t finished your work.
  • There was a power outage, so you couldn’t do your work.
  • The due date is a religious holiday for you.
  • You have 4 exams on the same day a project is due.

Are there times I cannot use the grace period? Yes. You cannot use the grace period on the final exam. There is no make-up and no grace period for the final. If you miss submitting it, you earn a zero.

Why isn’t there a grace period for the final? Final grades have to be submitted quickly. Further, I need time to grade the work. It’s not logistically possible to have a grace period for the final.

Round bomb icon, signifying a warningAre there drawbacks to using the grace period? Yes, there can be. We will begin working on the next project as soon as the due date passes. During the grace period, you can find yourself working on two projects at once. Use the grace period if you need to, but if you procrastinate too much, you may find yourself behind all term. Be wise!

What if I have a religious holiday on the same day that a project is due? Please take advantage of the grace period explained in the Late Policy section above if the due date for any work in this class coincides with a religious holiday that you celebrate. Please let me know before the holiday if the grace period will not be adequate.


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