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Calendar IconImportant Dates

  • Dec 27: Set up your Participation Log
  • Jan 3: Mid-Session Assessment
  • Jan 14: Final Exam due by 11:59 PM. No grace period.


Icon showing people connectedbuild community by connecting with one another in professional conversations actively engage in building your understanding and knowledge of writing in the workplace develop the skills to collaborate in a group to critique and improve writing projects

The Project Assignment

Your participation grade in this course is based on how you collaborate and interact with the others in the class. You will participate primarily by posting and replying in Piazza in the following general areas:

  • class discussion topics
  • writing group discussions
  • dicussion of project drafts and peer review

Step-by-Step Details

Step 1: Set up your Participation Log.

You will track your participation in this course in your Participation Log. From the first day of this course, you should document the work that you do to collaborate and connect with your classmates. Follow the instrucations on the Participation Log page to create and begin recording the ways that you participate in the course.

Step 2: Review the requirements for participation in the course.

You can achieve your participation goals many ways in this course, but throughout your participation, you should work toward these five goals:

  • Contributions: Ask thoughtful questions, offer specific suggestions, and graciously accept feedback.

  • Timeliness: Submit your posts on time or early, so that there is time for classmates to read and respond to them.

  • Consistency: Participate regularly throughout the course from the first day to the last.

  • Effort: Participating isn’t simply about writing a post, but putting in the effort to explain your ideas fully. Replies to classmates should go beyond simple responses as well.

  • Collegiality: Be supportive of everyone in the classroom and uphold the Principles of Community. In general, be kind and helpful to one another. Help create the kind of community online that makes you happy to participate.

Step 3: Work closely with your writing group.
Communicate directly and regularly with your writing group in Piazza to improve your work and explore ideas about writing in the workplace. Participation with your group requires active work on your part. Take initiative to engage others in your group and put your energy into connecting with one another.

Your writing group will respond to your ideas about the major projects, provide feedback on your rough drafts, and give you general support and advice on your work throughout the course.
In response, you will provide the same kinds of feedback and support to others in your writing group.

Step 4: Write your midterm assessment.
At midterm, assess your participation in the course so that you can make any adjustments that are necessary. Go to the last tab in your Participation Log and reflect on participation expectations in the course, as well as the quality and quantity of your participation in class. Your self-assessment should be a minimum of several sentences in length, focusing on your strengths and how you can improve.

Step 5: Write and submit a completion report for your final exam.
Create your completion report in your word processor.
Think of your audience for this project as me, Traci. Your goal is to evaluate your participation in the course during the term and recommend the grade that you should earn for the 15% of your course grade representing participation. Follow the guidelines on the completion report page as you work on your final. There are no rewrites or revisions after work is graded.


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