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Report Proposal Overview

Report Proposal Overview published on

This is the post for Monday, January 2, 2017.

Notes for Today

  • Happy New Year: I’ll keep the work light today since it’s officially a holiday.

  • Hard Work Ahead: The next two assignments are connected. The Proposal tells me what you want to focus on for the Genre Analysis Report. The Genre Analysis Report is a longer research and analysis assignment, and it’s worth double.

  • Choose Wisely: As you think about what to propose, focus on a kind of writing that you sincerely want to learn more about, something that will help you advance your career. The Analysis Report is your chance to dive into a kind of writing and find out exactly how it works. The best projects are always written by students who choose something they knew nothing about but that really mattered to them.

Readings for Today

Work for Today

  • If you took advantage of the grace period, submit your Analysis Project in Canvas by 11:59 PM today, following the submission instructions.

  • Post any questions or observations about any of the chapter readings or the assignments in Piazza. Your posts will count as Class Discussion in your Participation Log.

  • Get started working on your Report Proposal, which is due on Thursday. Aim to have a draft (including your resume) by the end of day on Tuesday. That schedule will allow you to post your draft for feedback from your Writing Group on Wednesday and then revise and turn in your work on Thursday.

  • Want to work ahead? Read Markel, Chapter 10, “Writing Job-Application Materials” for tips on writing your resume, which you will include in your proposal.


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