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Midterm Assessment

Midterm Assessment published on

This is the post for Tuesday, January 3, 2017.

Notes for Today

  • It’s Midterm: Crazy, huh? Since the Winter session is only three weeks long, midterm comes quickly. Be sure that you are making progress on your readings and chapter quizzes.

Readings for Today

  • Markel, Chapter 10, “Writing Job-Application Materials” (for details on resumes)

Work for Today

  • Complete your Participation Mid-Session Assessment today, following the instructions in Step 4 on the Participation Assignment page. You will not submit the self-assessment in Canvas. It is an important step however. Make sure that you are on track for the participation grade that you want to earn.

  • Review the questions and answers in Piazza for tips on your current projects. Contribute to the discussion if you have a question or suggestion to share.

  • Continue working on your Report Proposal, which is due on Thursday. Post your draft for feedback from your Writing Group on Wednesday and then revise and turn in your proposal on Thursday.


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