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Report Proposal Peer Review

Report Proposal Peer Review published on

This is the post for Wednesday, January 4, 2017.

Notes for Today

  • Progress on Quizzes: Quizzes for all the chapters in Markel are due on Thursday, January 12. Counting today, you have read ten of the fifteen chapters, or 66% of the chapters. Check that you have been keeping pace by taking the related quizzes.

Readings for Today

  • Markel, Chapter 2, “Understanding Ethical and Legal Obligations” (issues to consider as you decide what to cover in your analysis)
  • Markel, Chapter 9, “Writing Correspondence” (info on letters vs. memos vs. email)

Work for Today

  • Post the draft of your Report Proposal to your writing group in Piazza. Follow the instructions on the peer feedback page to share details on your draft and to give feedback to the members of your group. The final draft of your proposal is due on Thursday. The grace period ends on Friday.

  • As you read the chapters for today, think about how they connect. How do ethical and legal obligations influence whether you choose to write correspondence as a letter, a memo, or an email message? Post your thoughts and/or questions in Piazza.

  • If you haven’t done so, complete your Participation Mid-Session Assessment today, following the instructions in Step 4 on the Participation Assignment page. You will not submit the self-assessment in Canvas. It is an important step however. Make sure that you are on track for the participation grade that you want to earn.


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