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Analysis Project Submission

Analysis Project Submission published on

This is the post for Friday, December 30, 2016.

Notes for Today

  • Weekend Break: There will not be any posts for Saturday or Sunday. Daily posts will resume on Monday, January 2.

  • Weekend Availability: I will check in during the weekend. I aim to reply within 24 hours to any questions in Piazza.

Readings for Today

  • Markel, Chapter 6, “Writing for Your Readers” (help with phrasing, organization, paragraphing)
  • Markel, Chapter 7, “Designing Print and Online Documents” (help with design and layout)

Work for Today

  • Post any questions or observations about Chapters 4 and 5 in Piazza. Your posts will count as Class Discussion in your Participation Log.

  • Use the feedback from your Writing Group in Piazza to revise your Analysis Project. Writing Group posts count as Small Group in your Log.

  • Submit your Analysis Project in Canvas by 11:59 PM today, Friday, December 30, following the submission instructions. If you need extra time, take advantage of the grace period, which ends at 11:59 PM on Monday, January 2. (I don’t count the weekend.)

  • Want to work ahead? Read the Report Proposal assignment (Due Thursday) and the Genre Analysis Report assignment. There are related examples and textbook readings in the assignments.


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