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Bio Submission Day

Bio Submission Day published on

This is the post for Wednesday, December 28, 2016.

Notes for Today

  • Reading the Textbook: I will begin suggesting when to read the chapters today. Because there are often delays in obtaining the textbook, all reading quizzes are due at the end of the term. To do well in the class however, reading the chapters as they relate to the activities in class will help you do better work.

  • Discussing the Readings: As you read the textbook, look for places where you have questions, want more details, or would like to make a comment. You can add notes on things that you really like, things that your experience has confirmed in the past, as well as things you don’t like or have seen work differently in the workplace.

Readings for Today

Work for Today

  • Post any questions or observations about Chapter 1 and 3 in Piazza. Your posts will count as Class Discussion in your Participation Log.

  • Use the feedback from your Writing Group in Piazza to revise your Professional Bio.

  • Submit your Bio in Canvas by 11:59 PM today, Wednesday, December 28, following the submission instructions. If you need extra time, take advantage of the 1-day grace period, which ends at 11:59 PM on Thursday, December 29.

  • Want to work ahead? Read the Analysis of Writing in Your Field assignment (Due Friday) and its rubric.


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