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Professional Bio Overview

Professional Bio Overview published on

This is the post for Tuesday, December 27, 2016.

Notes for Today

  • Posting Questions: Thanks to everyone who has jumped in and gotten into activities on Piazza. If you have questions about the assignments or the course, please continue posting them in Piazza, rather than emailing them to me, so that everyone in the class can benefit and help find answers.

  • Course Pacing: Winter session is exceptionally fast paced. We have only 15 weekdays in the course. Since a regular semester has 15 weeks, this course needs to cover one week of work every day.

  • Work Hours: Normally, I am online from late afternoon through early morning hours. I’m not a morning person. So look for responses from me during those hours.

Readings for Today

Work for Today

  • Follow the instructions on the Participation Log page to begin tracking your participation in the course. Thanks to those of you who have already set up your logs.

  • Get to know the members of your Writing Group on Piazza. I have set up three groups (listed below). If you want your name listed another way, let me know:

    • Team Ada: Calvin, Nick, Alex, Graham, Pamela, and Chimere
    • Team Adele: Onat, Jared, Jose, Michael, Dev, and Alexandria
    • Team Grace: Moath, Stephen, Nicholas, Afrasiab, Kyle, and Shaifali
  • Draft your Professional Bio and share it with your writing group on Piazza. Use the Peer Feedback page to guide the questions you ask and the feedback that you give members of your group. Your bio is due by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, 12/28.


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