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Analysis Project Overview

Analysis Project Overview published on

This is the post for Thursday, December 29, 2016.

Notes for Today

  • Discussion in Piazza: The conversations you are having in Piazza about your drafts and the assignments are great. You are doing the kind of participation that I am looking for in the course.

  • Help with Ethics: If you need help with the Ethics column in your Analysis project, check out Chapter 2 of Markel.

  • Feedback: I grade projects in the order they were submitted. I rely on the rubric and the commenting tools in Canvas, so you’ll find feedback there. If you’re unfamiliar with Canvas, use this support document to learn more about how feedback works: How do I view assignment feedback comments from my instructor using Crocodoc annotations?

Readings for Today

Slideshow for Today

Get started on your project, by working through the slides in this Analysis Project Overview & Tips Slideshow:

Work for Today

  • If you are using the grace period for the Bio project, turn in by 11:59 PM tonight, following the submission instructions

  • Begin work on your Analysis Project by following the advice in the slideshow above. Your table needs a minimum of 10 kinds of writing, but you can add more if you have more to talk about. Also you can use different arrangements of the table or add columns that are appropriate for your field.

  • To get ahead, share the draft of your Analysis Project with your writing group on Piazza. Use the Peer Feedback page to guide the questions you ask and the feedback that you give members of your group.


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